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Hey, DBCo. family! You may have recently seen the launch of Facebook’s campaign in regards to Apple’s IOS14 update. Here’s a link to read the full information: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/ios-14-apple-privacy-update-impacts-small-business-ads . This update will affect all social media platforms. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of pouring into your marketing now and building a strong presence today.

Essentially, Apple will require Facebook and advertisers to adhere to some new guidelines that’s allowing Apple to capitalize on apps within their app store.

How does this affect you? Facebook is being required to change some structure in regards to website and app ads. One of the most significant changes is that all apps on Apple’s app store will be required within the year to show a prompt asking users if they want to opt in or out of in-app tracking. The app will also be allowed to share a few lines in regards to how they track.

It’s worth noting that if ads have brought your business to the next level, you may want to share within your social channels how this could affect your business if your customers opt out of in-app tracking.

Today, we are going to share more information in regards to website ads. Please keep your eyes peeled for the app ads update.

However, take note that this is an ongoing update – the first discussion of this update happened in June 2020, then September 2020, and now in December/January. So — why are you hearing of this update now? Facebook has launched a campaign to give small business owners a voice to talk about how Facebook ads have helped their business. If you would like to share your voice, please visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/business/apple-ios-14-speak-up-for-small-business

At the moment, there is not a clear vision of what will and won’t happen. However, we do have guidance in place of what we will do for you to ensure that you will be prepared for when changes do happen. Please know that the changes will have an impact on those running app ads more so than those promoting their website. 

When the marketing world evolves, so will we, so will you. This isn’t the first time Facebook has made a dramatic change. Actually, Facebook makes large changes behind the scenes several times a quarter. As you are reading this article, please do not feel a sense of fear. The reasoning of this article is to keep you informed and ahead so that you are not affected like you would be if you didn’t stay prepared.

Let’s dive in.


  1. Facebook will only allow you to optimize towards 8 conversion events
    1. This will affect large corporations more than it will small businesses. Our clients currently use the following conversion events: Purchase, Add To Cart, View Content. If you are using custom conversions, you will see a possible restriction. However, Facebook is allowing you to select the 8 conversion events (a mix of standard and custom) you want to use! Here’s a write-up from Facebook:
      1. “Your pixel may only optimize for a maximum of 8 conversion events for each domain. Facebook will initially configure the conversion events we believe are the most relevant to your business based on your activity. All other events will be made inactive for campaign optimization and reporting. You will be able to manage your preferences in Events Manager.”
    2. Don’t be alarmed – Facebook has created a new tool in place to help you choose your 8 conversion events, if you are unsure about which ones to use. Based on past history within the Facebook ads world, as this new tool is launched, you will be able to visit the events manager tab within business.facebook.com and Facebook will recommend the top 8 events for your business. You can choose others if you wish.
    3. Can you change the 8 events selected? YES. You can change the 8 selected events down the road if your business priorities change. Please know Facebook will require a 72 hour waiting period before the change is live.
    4. Anything else I should know? Well. Just one thing! If you are using more than one marketing agency to run ads for you (having businesses located in more than one country, etc) — both marketing agencies will need to agree on the same 8 conversion events as they will not be able to use 8 different events (equalling 16 total conversion events connected to your domain).
  2. Domain Verification
    1. This is a continuous updated matter. What we know right now is – wherever your Ad Account was created, there will need to be a verified domain within that business manager account.
    2. Essentially, Facebook needs to have a domain on hand to verify that it is a reputable domain to track in regards to success with your ads. Most of the time that is simply your domain. For instance, ours in digitalboutiqueco.com.
    3. How do you verify your domain? Follow these steps:
      1. Visit business.facebook.com
      2. Business Settings
      3. Brand Safety
      4. Domains
      5. Add
      6. Follow the steps guided by Facebook

Note: You will need access to your domain to complete this process. Facebook will give you a piece of code that you will then need to visit your domain provider to place the code. Depending on who your domain is through, it may take up to 24 hours before you can verify your domain after placing the code.

Targeting, Delivery, Measuring, Reporting

  1. Attribution Windows
    1. At the moment, when you are running Facebook ads, your default attribution (found in the ad set) is a 7 day click or 1 day view. This means that if a potential lead clicks on your ad within the past 7 days, or views it within the past 1 day, and then within that time period within converts – their action will be attributed back to the ad. Facebook will now be removing the 1 day view. Therefore, the new default attribution window will be a 7 day click.
    2. The 28 day click through, 28 day view through, and 7 day view through attribution windows will no longer be available.

Note: These aren’t default metrics — if you weren’t using them before this, you will not notice the difference

  1. Smaller Custom Audiences
    1. Due to users having the option to “opt out” of IOS 14 tracking, there is an anticipation of reduced custom audience sizes.
    2. A realistic example — if you upload your customer list into Facebook as a custom audience to retarget with exclusive codes, you may see that not all of your customers will be able to be targeted if they have opted out of IOS 14 tracking.
  2. Personalized, Dynamic Ads May Be Affected
    1. Ads that are run through various platforms that are very personalized will see a reduced audience size due to select users “opting out” of IOS 14 tracking.
  3. Website Conversion Events May Be Delayed
    1. If you are avid about checking your ads daily, you may want to switch to checking them every other day. Right now, as soon as a customer makes a purchase via your conversion ad, you are able to see that in your Ads Manager. In the future, it may take anywhere from 24-48 hours.

Steps You Need To Do Now To Stay Ahead: 

  1. If you are running conversion and traffic ads to your website, please verify your domain featuring the steps listed under the “Domain Verification” section. If you are working with a marketing agency. They should be able to help you with this.
  2. Revisit ad attribution (in your ad sets) and see if you are using any attribution window other than the default 7 day view, 1 day click. If you are, we would recommend duplicating the ad set, and adjusting your attribution window. 
  3. Test audiences. If your ad strategy relies heavily on dynamic ads and custom audiences, start testing new detailed targeting ads today to find a converting ad set that will help you maintain a return on investment. Think of this as your safety net in case your other ads see a negative result of the update.
  4. Stay Hopeful. These changes are not the end of the world. Facebook always has things in the woodworks to help their advertisers when they have to make adjustments. Remember the buzz around group ads? These are still in the pipeline. We will prevail!

We will keep you updated as we hear more, we are sure this won’t be the end of this journey! We are anticipating a positive response from Apple in Facebook’s favor. 

Once again, please join us and Facebook and share your experience with Facebook ads and your business. We know first hand how Facebook ads can help a business, and this year has shown us that more than ever. We support you and support small businesses. Join the movement here and be heard: https://www.facebook.com/business/apple-ios-14-speak-up-for-small-business


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