Ad 1: Short ad copy. General website link. Easy to scroll by photo. Generic headline. No description added.

Ad 2: Grab attention ad copy. Specialized website link. Stand out photo. Customized headline. No description added. Button added.


When writing your ad copy, it is always smart to start by addressing your audience. If you are relying solely on your targeting to find the right people, think again. Let’s set the tone. You are targeting people who are interested in boutique clothing. Facebook will pull people in who aren’t all interested in boutique clothing. For instance, as marketers get hit with ads from the boutique niche daily (even Daniel (haha!)). By starting your ad copy very direct with “Ladies”, “Women in the Nashville area”, “Boutique clothing obsessed”, you will quickly get across to the consumer who you are wanting to talk to. 

Be relatable. Your consumer is getting hit with your competitors ads too. In addition to your competitors. They are getting hit with ads from other markets, as well. Stray away from being generic and hit an immediate pain point that gets them thinking “Woah, they are talking to me!”.

Give them a strong call to action. A promotional code is always enticing. Additionally, we always add the URL to the exact web page at the bottom of the ad copy. You aren’t charged to add your link twice (in the ad copy and the button below) so why not? Consumers love having more than 1 call to action.


Your consumer wants to go to the exact page of the product (or product line) you are advertising. Take out the work for them and give them that exact link.


Facebook and Instagram are platforms that take consumers off into the land of mindless scrolling. Make sure you are using a photo that will prompt someone to stop scrolling!


Your headline and description are married together. You do not actually have to have a description. Your headline should be clear and concise of the point you are trying to get across. By default, your description will be autofilled from your website. You can delete that out and keep the focus on your nice, bold headline.

Call-to-Action (Button)

Always, and we repeat ALWAYS have a call-to-action button. Without a button clearly showing what you want your consumer to do – little to no action will be took!